Below are comments I have received from my loyal customers regarding the services I provided.

I have been using Eric as our IT specialist for our medical practice for about 8 years. He has helped our practice to stay current with all the latest technology. I appreciate so much that when I run into a problem, Eric is only a call away. He is quick to respond to the problem and helps me to correct it quickly and in language that this "not high tech" person can understand. Eric has helped our practice with the following:

  • Computer upgrades
  • Setup of WiFi access in our office
  • Establish secure remote access from home for our physicians
  • Routine PC maintenance to keep our operations running smoothly
  • Helped design and build our website

Barbara Bennett

Office Manager

Kenmore Pediatrics

Eric is Williamsville United Methodist church's computer go-to guy for set-ups, problems, recommendations and all around trouble shooting! No matter what the issue has been and there have been numerous (when my computer crashed, setting me up to be able to access my work computer from home, making recommendations on what computers and programs to purchase next based on our usage, trying to get older computers compatible with newer technology and software, just to name a few) Eric has always been a huge help to us. Besides all his technical skills, Eric is such a pleasure to work with. He always gets back to us within a timely manner. In fact, I seem to remember he got back to me once while he was on his vacation to make sure we could wait until he got back for his help. For as computer literate as he is, we are not. Yet he always seems able to bring the techniques and language down to a level we can grasp and understand. I would highly recommend Eric for any computer consulting needs you might have. He has always been an outstanding help to us!

Judith A. Toone

Director of Christian Education

Williamsville United Methodist